Spiritual Hygiene

Mystical experience is not an accomplishment, but a gift from God. Morgan Ann is such a wonderful person and god gifted mystic helping others in different ways to purify their souls, spiritual transformation, and ways of to repair our love for other people and the world. In this “age of collectedness and inanity, she is helping everyone globally to recover their attentiveness which is essential to serving God.

She cultivates these experiences through meditation or a more thoughtful diversity of prayer. It’s a kind of turning inward and allowing yourself to just abide in a space that makes a welcoming place for the sacred.

She wants to do this for the sake of multitudes of suffering individuals, and this inevitable struggle led her to get awakened to the fundamental law of life. The transformative power of this mysticism would work as a practical tool to ease people’s suffering and help them navigate through the variations of life. The main objective is to empower ordinary people overwhelmed by delusion and distress to bring forth their inherent wisdom, compassion, courage, and creative energy to resolve their problems and help others do the same.