*Specializing in Distance Work*

*In-Person Services Provided at Mystical Work*

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Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Mystical Works – Self-Discovery Shop

Energy Healing

Usui Reiki-$100 for a 1-hour session
Shamanic Reiki-$125 for a 1-hour session
Animal Reiki and Pet Blessings-&75 for 30 minutes
House Blessings and Clearing-$100 for 1 hour
Light Body and Aura Repair and Cleansing-$125- for 1 hour
Illumination-$150 for 1 hour
includes cord cutting, shadow aspect healing (commonly know as spirit entity removal), karmic and quantum healing if needed
Kundalini Activation-$100 for a 1-hour session
Soul Retrieval-$300 can range from 4 or more hours (Done remotely)
Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling Services-$100 per hour
Munay Ki Rites-No Charge
Shamanic Death Rites-No Charge, A Love Donation Is Appreciated Though


Visionary Intuitive Reading-$100
Angelic Mediumship-$150
Pet Mediumship-$75
Divination Readings -$100
Soul Alignment Reading with Natal Chart-$150