Energy Medicine

Everything in this universe is composed of energy, vibrating at various frequencies. The energy in everything may be positive or negative, balanced, or unbalanced, opened, or closed frequencies. When our body is misaligned energetically and radiating low-vibrational frequencies, it can appear into physical disorders, like pains, sickness, and disease.

Our energetic bodies are tangled with our physical bodies. All the disturbances we carry physically, emotionally, and spiritually influence the functionality of our energy systems. At Transcendence Divine, we help to maintain your vibrant health by achieving energetic balance and through quick healing processes. When energies become blocked because of sufferings, stress, anxiety, or other physical traumas, it creates turbulences in the energy flow in our bodies, which over time contributes to mental, emotional issues through physical disease. The main purpose of energy medicine is to address everything ranging from physical illness to mental or emotional disorder and thus helps peak-level wellness and high performance.

Morgan Ann has great experience in energy healing therapies. She works with the body’s subtle energies to enhance health, strength, and happiness. She teaches people to work with these elusive energies efficiently and blissfully. To enjoy a healthy life, it’s vital to regularly clean and revitalizes your body’s energy. As a result, deep relaxation and renewed energy can be anticipated.

How Meditation is helpful?

Meditation is great for corporate working environments to increase productivity, school learning environments for staff and students and individuals that want better mental health and wellbeing. The main purpose of meditation is to enable a greater ability to be calm and happy and changing the negatively conditioned thoughts and behavioral patterns that can obstruct learning, self-development, and concentration.

Why Transcendence Divine?

  • At Transcendence divine, we help to create a meditation program for you according to your conditions.
  • While your different sessions, you can feel the body elevated energy level while dredging out blockages and impurities that might compromise health and well-being.
  • Typical benefits that you can experience include increased amounts of energy and reduced fatigue; better health; greater resistance to disease; better sleep; emotional balance; a sense of calm; a positive outlook; improved relationships; greater self-awareness; a deeper sense of meaning; and spiritual growth.